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No one knows yet how NA2 will behave in a forest, though in some laboratory studies it appears more aggressive than NA1, the strain that’s now widespread. In a worst-case scenario, a more contagious strain could spread beyond tanoak to other species, possibly even the Douglas fir and other commercially important logging trees.

Dealing with this new battle front fell largely to Sarah Navarro, the sudden oak death pathologist. She and her team surveyed the infected area, finding that over 146 of the 186 tanoaks and wild rhododendrons they sampled tested positive. The NA2 infestation was much larger than they had originally thought.





They could have tried to clear and then compost the tanoaks สมัครจีคลับ, but that’s a slow, complicated process that leaves behind piles of logs that can be mistaken for firewood, creating opportunities for unwitting campers to accidentally transport infected logs. Navarro felt she had only one real option: cut and burn. “It’s not the business I got into,” Navarro says. But it’s the best tool she has to try to slow the spread.

Successful containment requires a buffer zone of 600 feet between an infected tree and any susceptible tanoaks, so the treatment will ultimately cover 521 acres. That’s over 390 football fields’ worth of forest. The entire area won’t be destroyed; insead every tanoak will be cut down and individually sent up in flames in a controlled burn. The process has just begun, with Forest Service staff applying a herbicide to the tanoaks to prevent the infected trees from resprouting. They likely won’t complete the treatment until next spring. Officials have estimated it will end up costing about $1.7 million.

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